About Matej & Mattej

"Our splendid hosts and the founders of Slovenia's first gay travel concept, 'Pink Week' are the wonderful Matej and Mattej, co-owners of luxuryslovenia.eu, one of the country's leading inbound luxury travel operators. Husbands, business partners, activists, proud Slovenians and high-brow travel experts – they are boldly doing amazing work to advance gay and lesbian travel in the country." Leo Morgan, OutThere.Travel

Welcome to Unparalleled Luxury and Inclusivity
Hello, and welcome! In the heart of Europe, nestled between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea, a unique travel experience awaits you. An experience that marries luxury with inclusivity, and authenticity with opulence. An experience crafted by two individuals who, driven by love for their homeland and the desire to share its unspoiled beauty, established Slovenia's premier travel agency - Luxury Slovenia DMC.

Meet the Trailblazers: Mattej and Matej
Meet Mattej and Matej - the dynamic duo who, back in May 2014, created the first-ever Pink Week travel package for the LGBTQ+ community and their friends. This groundbreaking venture, featuring the Eurosong 2014 gala dinner at the illustrious Ljubljana Castle, was just the beginning of their journey to put Slovenia on the map as a luxury and LGBTQ+-welcoming destination.

Mattej Valencic: Redefining Luxury
Mattej Valencic, co-founder of Luxury Slovenia DMC, is the creative force behind multiple travel brands that redefine the concept of luxury. His vision was stirred by a gap he spotted in the local market - the need for personal, high-end travel experiences that cater to every whimsical desire of the guest. When he isn't pioneering luxury travel, Mattej savors the finer things in life - clubbing, theater, opera, delightful food, and wine shared in the company of loved ones.

Matej Knific: A Marketing Maestro in Tourism
Matej Knific, our other trailblazing co-founder, brings to the table over a decade of marketing experience. His marketing prowess, now directed towards tourism, helped sculpt the brand identities of Luxury Slovenia and Pink Week. Matej's passion for Slovenia extends beyond his professional endeavors - his free time is spent exploring its picturesque landscapes, jogging, cycling, practicing yoga, and of course, enjoying gastronomical delights with family and friends.

An Unbeatable Duo: Mattej & Matej's Mission
Their combined expertise and personal understanding of LGBTQ+ audiences uniquely positions them to present Slovenia to discerning gay and lesbian travellers. "With the PinkWeek.eu travel concept, our goal is to elevate the image of our beautiful country in the world," Matej & Mattej assert.

Your Destination for Exquisite LGBTI Luxury Travel
Welcome to Luxury Slovenia - the No. 1 LGBTI luxury travel agency in Slovenia, and proud Virtuoso member. As a high-end Destination Management Company (DMC), we offer tailor-made travel experiences of exceptional quality, catering to Europe’s hottest emerging destinations. With over ten years in the luxury travel business, our portfolio includes recommendations for luxury villas, world-class hotels, boutique venues, even "eco-glamping", and outstanding dining and touring experiences.

Redefining Luxury Travel: Beyond LGBTI Experiences
But we don’t stop there! Luxury Slovenia DMC, besides advising on tailor-made LGBTI travel options, is also a leading incoming travel agency for leisure and business travelers. We provide expert, personalized travel services through our premium brand luxuryslovenia.eu.

Experience the unforgettable. Experience the extraordinary. Experience Slovenia with us.